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100% Online Training Itinerary For A Multinational From the Industrial Sector

The client, a multinational from the industrial sector, launches a truly disruptive new type of technology to the market, of which there is hardly any engineering knowledge, nor in its distribution channel, neither in the engineering that performs installation designs.


Engineering companies and their technicians act as prescribers, including customer references in their designs. Builders ask the factory for the references prescribed by the engineering firms in order to carry out the appropriate installations.

To include the references in a design, it is necessary to know the technology and the products, as well as the calculation and dimensioning tools provided by the client.

The plan is to carry out an international, prestigious training program based on existing technical knowledge that will be innovative in form and content.

Given that the pandemic situation weakens the on-site pre-sale action on prescribers, it is necessary to think about alternatives to promote the program and the new products.


A 100% online itinerary is designed based on the methodology used by MIT courses in the training of engineers and executives who have already graduated. So:

  • Different learner persona and a score for each one of them are designed.
  • A learning itinerary program with a Flipper classroom methodology is designed. It considers teaching content, self-reflection, shared work and extension material (adaptive learning).
  • Base contents are created from a content curation process and didactic treatment, as well as the guides for tutors and the learning monitoring processes, with the involvement of experts or SMEs.
  • The program is incorporated into a corporate LMS with a high level of design and customization (LXP).
  • Inbound marketing campaigns, that must be activated in Salesforce, are designed and implemented, so they can be launched to the database itself and to external media. Conversion analysis methodologies to landing pages, videos, posts are applied and crossed with the learner persona.
  • Onboarding and objection resolution systems are established to fill the funnels of participants as quickly as possible (focusing on the highest scoring leads).
  • A business case that allows to evaluate the ROI of the training program ex ante is set up.
  • Finally, from the moment when the first participants are already getting formed, intervention protocols of the commercial force are established in order to activate new sales opportunities.
  • Reduction of global training costs
  • Global unification of the product discourse, with local market variations.
  • Access to new audiences of prescribers that were invisible to the organization before
  • Greater visibility in the company's social networks and brand positioning in a disruptive technology
  • Increasing of the sense of belonging of certified prescribers
  • Acceleration of sales funnels in relation to new products
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The client contacted Opentrends because it is a company that not only has competencies in Edtech and digital knowledge, but also has the ability to create marketing content for training programs, as well as the Martech necessary to support the campaigns.

A marketing-only or eLearning-only company could tackle part of the challenge, but not the whole project because, in addition, both technologies must be connected to produce data for commercial use and transfer measurement.

If your problem is the transformation of the channel’s training, mediators, partners and agents, and you need a solution that brings together the network, from recruitment to  training, engagement and dynamization of sales... we are your reference partner!