3 habits you will forget with your next car

August 18 2017

Automobile Barcelona event has been the first symptom: the dealer concept has involved a phenomenon about mobility, technology and innovation. Manufacturers no longer sought to position themselves with a single car but with a car that offered unique experiences. And they have addressed the users, not the drivers.
In this update of Automobile Barcelona, we have participated in the 'Trobades' organized by La Vanguardia at the Seat stand. There we have debated about the connected car from a human perspective where connectivity is fundamental.
At the event, Marc Nogué has given the technological vision of Opentrends as Mobile & Connected Car Project Manager. They have also participated: Leyre Olavarría (Connected Car & Infotainment at Seat), Susana Gómez (assistant deputy director of vehicles at DGT), Jordi Urbea (general manager at Ogilvy) and Laura Aguilar (Automotive Digital Lead at Accenture). The meeting has had a protagonist: the user.



Because beyond the driving, the technological evolution and the personalization of the vehicles will change the paradigm of mobility. For this reason, at Opentrends we know that because of connected car you will no longer have these 3 habits:

Forget where you parked the car

Your next car will not make you less clueless but it will inform you about where you parked. Because next year eCall will be mandatory and will mean that all new cars carry an integrated SIM. The eCall is an intelligent emergency call designed to help drivers in case of emergency due to a road accident. According to Marc Nogué, this technology "will support driving and safety, but at the same time will incorporate new services to the vehicle". So, in a short time you can find your car with your mobile phone... Or even, the car will find you before and send you a signal to find it easily. 

Lose the keys

You will not lose the keys anymore because you will not have a car. Or this means the same, you will have one for every need that comes to you: a SUV to go away for a weekend with friends, a small tourism for an interurban journey, a sports car unveiled for a special event. The autonomous vehicle will alter the concept of ownership and will allow you to have a car that will adapt to the needs of each moment. A concept similar to sharing and according to Leyre Olavarría, Seat has already begun to carry out pilot testing.

Prepare music for long distances

If you are still one of those who prepare a USB device or a CD with the music that accompanies you during a trip, congratulations. But you will not need it any more. From now on, it will be the same car that will be 'tuned' automatically according to your tastes. What do you like about Spotify's weekly discoveries? And the recommendations that Netflix makes based on the titles that have hooked you the most? Prepare yourself so the car, through your mobile, recommends places where to stop to rest, to eat or the best movie that your children can watch depending on the estimated time of the trip: an "ultrapersonalitzation" of the car according to your habits .

Losing some habits like these are just a small part of the reality that you will live in the coming months and years. To understand what the arrival of the connected car in your day to day will mean, compare it with the change that has meant the smartphone. In fact, Leyre Olavarría says that the car should be a "a mobile with four wheels". In this journey, Opentrends collaborates with Seat to build the technology and products that convert cars into the extension of oneself, a creator of experiences and a 'hub' of services.