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Digital transformation in the education sector


The current COVID-19 health crisis has exposed the organizations that have not advanced in the digital transformation they have seen how the current situation puts the continuity of their business at risk. However, and although this crisis may provide a lever to accelerate the process, it will continue to be of vital strategic importance in the future. Advancing is no longer a future trend or a mechanism to obtain competitive advantages over the competition, but an absolute necessity for the survival of organizations.

The digital transformation implies a comprehensive change in organizations and must be led by Management, promoting a culture of change and the promotion of continuous innovation, always focusing on the customer. This will require:

  • The transformation of business models, rethinking products and services for a digital world
  • The digitalization of all processes in the value chain of organizations
  • Training of the different agents involved in the processes: clients, workers, suppliers, partners, administration.

Focusing on the educational sector, digital transformation does not, therefore, consist of setting up an online store for the sale of courses or setting up a moodle so that students can download content (in many cases in pdf). On the contrary, a deep transformation must be carried out in all the axes mentioned above.

Online education also faces important challenges such as media inequality and consequently of opportunities for students based on their socioeconomic level or inequality in the digital skills of teaching staff.

Although with the peculiarities of each educational institution and its positioning, we can represent its processes in the following way:


digital transformation education


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