Facilitando la adopción de la Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning

Facilitating the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Inteligencia Artificial

We are in a digital age increasingly led by data-driven companies. In the image below, you can see how the ranking of the largest companies by market capitalization has changed in the last three decades (source: Platform Patterns—Using Proven Principles to Develop Digital Platforms).

Facilitando la aplicación de Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning

What currently characterizes the largest companies in the world, and also most of new entrants, is the intensive use they make of user data. They take advantage of the value that these data provide through techniques such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML).

No sector is safe from new entrants, who are 100% focused on creating value through technology and the optimal use of data, whether to make better decisions, to improve operating processes or to create much more customized products and services. And we have to be prepared to compete with them.

Faced with this situation, business leaders and CIOs wonder how they can turn their data into business value, and how they can transform their company into a data-driven one.

This is what we will try to solve in this series of articles, based on our own experience, in which we will address the following topics:

  • The data challenge for Artificial Intelligence
  • 4 types of data to apply Artificial Intelligence
  • What team will you need for your Artificial Intelligence project
  • The challenges of applying Artificial Intelligence

Martí Fàbrega

Martí is a Digital Transformation Consultant and Senior Business Development Manager at Opentrends. His aim is to transform technology into business value for his clients, putting the greatest possible focus on innovation.