How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming The Winery Experience


Use technology to better understand customer behavior and create memorable winery experiences. Read our white paper to examine the opportunities emerging technologies can bring to your winery.

As Millenials and Gen Z overtake Baby Boomers as dominant consumers, it is important for every business to reimagine their digital transformation strategy to keep up with new consumer expectations. 

The Wine Industry represents a prime industry in need of flexible innovation strategies that target new generations of wine drinkers. There’s a tremendous opportunity for these businesses to join the digital transformation, where they can expand their capabilities, improve the customer experience and acquire new generations of wine drinkers.

The integration of emerging technologies such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, and blockchain can reinvigorate the customer experience and create new channels for user engagement:

  • AI can help wineries make informed decisions about user behavior to support their entire value chain; from sales, operations, distribution, to production methods. 

  • AR/VR offers extended brand engagement and alternate experience that have been scientifically proven to be more memorable than traditional marketing tactics. 

  • IoT and blockchain technologies can take sustainability initiatives to another level. IoT allows wineries to generate vast repositories of customer and agricultural data, which can transform into new sources of insights valuable at enterprise, product and services development levels. 


Access the white paper here.


At Opentrends, we know digital transformation can be challenging for any company, especially without the right IT talent in place. We can help your winery create an implementation plan to integrate emerging technologies and accelerate your roadmap.