artificial intelligence


artificial intelligence
Descubre cómo sacar partido de la IA a tu negocio

Improve the prediction of your customers’ demand, capitalize marketing automation and intelligent sales, turn the detection of anomalies into zero defects, improve the loyalty of your users with virtual assistants, reduce costs with predictive logistics... 

And many more advantages, whatever your sector is:

  • Banking and insurances
    • Cross selling
    • Investment decisions
    • User experience 360
    • Fraud prevention
    • Credit evaluation
    • Prediction of the dropout rate
  • Education
    • xAPI and learning analysis
    • Student recommendations
    • Customized itineraries
    • Facial recognition and eProctoring
    • Performance monitoring and prediction
    • Virtual assistant and/or counselor
  • Public Administration
    • Automation of citizen participation with chatbots and NLP
    • Sensorization to turn data into knowledge
    • Analysis of citizen sentiment
    • Trends anticipation
    • Flexible digital process
    • Services curtomization
  • Retail
    • Advice with chatbots and NLP
    • Management of complaints and sentiment analysis
    • Customized recommendations and cross-selling
    • Prediction of demand trends
    • Predictive stock management and logistics
    • Waste reduction
  • Health
    • Smart wearables
    • Personalized health recommendations
    • Home devices and voice assistants for the care of the elderly
    • Automated diagnosis and prescription
    • Improve patient experience
  • Transport and logistics 
    • Intelligent management of fleets and more efficient routes
    • Demand prediction
    • Reduction of pollution
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Smart parking lots
    • Accident detection
Use cases of Artificial Intelligence