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Open Banking: How can we help you from OpenTrends?

Who is Opentrends in Open banking?

Opentrends is a technology-based company that employs the most advanced software design technologies to maximize business outputs for financial entities, insurers, and others from its offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Silicon Valley, and India.

In a broad sense, we are dedicated to:

open banking opentrends

If we go down to the specific terrain of open banking we can help you with:

Open banking API integration - We have agreements with a few key vendors;

Customized development and functionalities;

Optimization of user experience within your customer journey of payments and/or risk admission.


We are aware of the many roles existing regarding Open Banking; we adapt our value proposition according to your business challenges:

Neo banks, Challengers, Securities agencies: Integration of third-party Open Banking software, CRM, traditional Core banking, CMS, custom developments of ebanking, content marketing, front-end, UX, and more. In short, one-stop-shop of technological stack.

Omnichannel banks: ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), DevOps, QA, AI and Chatbots, Quantum, developments in ebanking, Portals, UX, UI, integration of third-party Fintech APIs in Sandbox.

Traditional and Ecommerce companies: in the field of Open Banking, collection and payment systems, cash pooling, cash management, development of own APIs for financing and payment, integration of Fintechs APIs.

Fintech - APP vendor: custom integrations and development with banks, product development with our Teams-as-a-Service, UX and product UI, product developments, and management in Sandbox of central banks. Integration and reselling partnerships in large banks, insurers, and eCommerce platforms.


Author: Carles Roca