Opentrends 2019

The Opentrends' value proposition for 2019


How Opentrends technology adds value to our clients' business.

Companies need technology. Traditionally, technology has been considered as a tactical tool, and software assets have been treated in companies as a cost. Still today, many companies underestimate the value of using their technology to gain a competitive advantage for the future.

New paradigms

In today's digital world, we must all develop future-proof strategies to face an environment of constant change and growing competitiveness. This 2019 we are getting used to using voice assistant robots to place orders, and these assistants will be smarter every day. Very soon, they will give us increasingly personalized services. Meanwhile, the concept of "as a service" is generalized, and it is very likely that the next generation of consumers will not even consider buying a vehicle (embracing the car as a service paradigm) in the same way that, at the enterprise level, we move our servers to the cloud with the advantages of flexibility and agility that it entails.

Opentrends 2019

This new car mobility model will also be automatic and electric. For this sector, this can suppose a disruptive impact similar to the appearance at the time of the smartpone for the mobile sector. But many more paradigm changes await us around the corner. To give an example, what will happen to energy companies when a new generation of prosumers generates their own energy in their home? What will happen to the financial sector if the Bitcoin or another blockchain becomes a new monetary standard to the point of competing with central banks?

In Opentrends we do not have the answer to all these questions. But we are able to become the best allies so that our customers can respond to these challenges through technology. At Opentrends we are convinced that today there is a real opportunity to turn technology into a source of sustainable competitive advantage for companies, with a value proposition with business impact that can be summarized in four levers of success:

1. We close the customer gap
Opentrends 2019

Our vision of technology is that management must always see IT in the light of its business strategy, rather than simply an extension of its efforts to reach and segment its customers. Companies must know their customers and communicate directly with them, through all available channels. In Opentrends we provide omnichannel technology that gives users access through mobile, tablet, smart TVs, wearables and, more recently, chatbots and voice assistants. In addition, our creative agency helps to know the end user through design thinking techniques.

2.We boost innovation
Opentrends 2019

We give our clients access to state-of-the-art technology through our venture builder, Carrot Cake. This 2018, for example, we have helped a major bank in the United States to prepare for the challenges of post-quantum security, an experience that will give much to talk about and we will tell in future articles. Regarding new technological incorporations in Carrot Cake, this year the most outstanding has been Caelum Labs, blockchain development specialists with whom we will work on exciting projects. Finally, in Opentrends we have inaugurated an "innovation lab" in Kerala (India) that allows us to experiment in an agile way and helps us to face the challenges we face every day in different projects.

3. We enable cost optimization
Opentrends 2019

Our certification as AWS Consulting Partner in 2018 has been the prize for a history of shared successes in recent years in the field of cloud. We had the opportunity to explain one of them at the AWS Summit in Madrid, the most important Cloud Computing event in Europe, through Fira de Barcelona. His Delivery Director / CISO, Ismael Ligero, presented during the AWS Summit the successful transformation to the Cloud led by Opentrends. The cost savings charts presented by Fira de Barcelona as a result of the work of Opentrends focused all eyes, reflecting an 81% reduction in cost compared to the initial on-premise scenario.

4. Agile Teams as a Service
Opentrends 2019

We believe that the best solution to develop great products and create something really memorable, that can evolve constantly without losing quality or productivity, are self-managed and multifunctional teams. Agile-as-a-Service is a perfect option if flexible and long-term development capabilities are required, and includes all the skills and specialties to carry out all the phases and aspects of a feature, from conceptualization to implementation and deployment. The client retains control through the monitoring of KPIs associated with the sprint (story points, burnout charts) while gaining access to the best professionals and to a flexible team configuration.

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