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The roadmap to implement a Low Emissions Zone step by step

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During the last few months, we have been in touch with municipalities all over Spain about how to implement the management platform of a Low Emissions Zone (LEZ). We have also given 2 webinars that have been attended by more than 50 municipalities, and have written several articles on the subject:

It is true that a lot of progress has been made, but time is running out. For this reason, this once we want to pave the way a little more by presenting you the roadmap which defines the phases for the implementation of a Low Emissions Zone (even if, right now, you do not know where to start). This roadmap is based on the experience that has given us to create the management platform of the LEZ of Barcelona, ​​the largest in Southern Europe.

The 4 phases of the roadmap

We have divided the roadmap into 4 phases: preparation, definition, implementation and maintenance. Below, you will find the actions performed in each of them:

Phase 0: Preparation

In this initial phase, the following is evaluated:

  • Characteristics of the vehicle fleet
  • Inventory of emissions due to mobility
  • Assessment study on environmental impact
  • Study on citizen opinion and acceptance
  • Compliance with regulations, ordinances, etc.
Phase 1: Definition

In this phase, the infrastructure and management platform of the LEZ are planned. Specifically, it is made up of the following points:

  • Planning of cameras on the city map
  • Preliminary plan for the definition of the camera infrastructure
  • Preliminary plan for the definition of the LEZ management system (LEZ platform)
  • Writing of the report
Phase 2: Implementation

The following points are launched in this phase:

  • LEZ management software
  • Communication and awareness campaign
  • Cameras and OCR systems
  • Signing
  • Network electronics
  • Auxiliary elements and wiring
  • Complementary installations
Phase 3: Maintenance

In this last phase of the roadmap, the following is carried out: 

  • Software maintenance and management of the LEZ
  • Training
  • Hosting, infrastructure, materials and other purchases
  • Officials and field technicians, user support
  • New installations
Recommended roadmap - the 4 phases to implement a low emission zone (LEZ)

If you are in the process of improving air quality in your city and you are not sure what phase of the LEZ project you are in, you will find answers to all your questions in this webinar.

More information

If you are looking for a technological consultancy firm that can accompany you in the creation of the Low Emissions Zone, contact us and we will provide you with all the experience we gained creating  the Barcelona LEZ. You can find more information in our brochure about LEZ.