Timeline is running out: it is time to talk


We create behavioral patterns that technology turns in 0 and 1

Haven't criticized Twitter algorithm yet? The loss of the 140-character limit? Or the end of the @ before the username? Wake up because it is trendy now. The inverse chronological order of our timeline disappears (activating the function) and we will no longer have to edit the text to attach images or videos. News that the most moderate ones define as the death sentence of this social network. From a tool that has never exceeded 30% of active users.

I will not call into question a business decision on Twitter because I do not have enough business vision. Even so, I have the feeling that the blue bird lost a wing when its managers defined it as an advertising company. And that was not four days ago.

Changes to Twitter remind us of Facebook: we generate patterns of behavior that technology turns 0 and 1 to improve the order in which we receive content. I was told 10 years ago and it seemed like a revolution. Today seems obsolete. And Twitter is not too late. Does the following

Because the idea is not bad. It is even useful to know what has happened to our 'timeline' (every day less focused on the user and more to the buyer) in a given period of time. We adapt quickly to changes. The 'millennial' or the Generation Z do not need (or need) this process. The early adopters are practically 'instant adopters'. Because the algorithm or @ must be invisible. If you talk and look, technology does not become a habit.

The algorithm must be invisible. If you talk, technology does not become a habit.

If we want cured content according to our tastes, we need an army of journalists. Or algorithms. The rest is infoxication. Distortion But in this league, Twitter has not adapted.

He has left behind the 'core' of his business: the conversation among users. Imagine that when you open the application on your mobile instead of the "While you are not ..." the bird asked us "Do you know what happened in {your city} an hour ago?" Or "What happened with the #bancexpropiat ? Read the latest { username } tweets. Yes. It's what Quartz does ?  but with a difficult impact to calculate.