Reforzados reforzadas

We will come out stronger


The coronavirus has broken into our lives like a tsunami. The accelerated introduction of telework is a visible consequence that is rapidly transforming the way of working. Undoubtedly, there will be businesses that will be seriously affected, especially those that have not previously worked on the digitization of their sales and operations processes. But there will be a few that will come out stronger after this crisis.

At Opentrends we have all the elements to be part of the second group with you:


At Opentrends we have always opted for the talent of our professionals. We build exceptional teams that work autonomously and at a high performance level, which allowed us to enable partial teleworking years ago. When you can trust your people, their "physical presence" in the workplace becomes less important. That is why we have been working partially in this way for years.

In addition, most of our services are projects under responsibility. This means that we are totally used to working for objectives. This way of working marks the character of our teams and creates a culture and organizational structure based on the commitment to customer satisfaction and the success of each of the projects we carry out.

Precisely thanks to the autonomous and committed nature of our people, last Friday, March 13, we were able to enable teleworking for the entire workforce without the services being affected.


Continuing with our commitment to talent, one of our hallmarks is the training and internal development of our professionals.

Other companies prefer to save on training and opt for external recruitment and rotation of their employees to respond to the changing customer demands and the market. In this new online era of indefinite duration, these types of companies will have great difficulties because they will have to digitize their talent recruitment processes immediately, or change their paradigm and learn to retain and train their employees from one day to the next.

We have learned over the years that our best investment is people. Our vocation is professional development and this leads to low employee turnover. That is why we are committed to training from the beginning of the professional career (bootcamps) as well as in later stages with Udemy and the certification programs from our partners.


In this new era we are entering, companies will need to increase their sales through digital channels while reducing costs.

Strengthening digital channels means betting on the omnichannel approach to create engagement with the end customer. Opentrends' “all channel experience” services are totally oriented towards this end, through the end-to-end development (from conceptualization, to design, development, implementation and maintenance) of front, mobile, tablet, wearables, chatbots and to voice assistants, through the implementation of CMS or e-Commerce.

Reducing IT costs, on the other hand, involves a determined commitment to the cloud. At Opentrends we have years of experience in the implementation, migration and optimization of architectures through the use of public clouds such as AWS or Azure with modern PaaS and serverless approaches for greater TCO efficiency. With this approach, we managed to reduce both the initial cost (capex) and the recurring cost (opex).

Finally, our microservices-based approach to development makes us especially ready to work with distributed (and now remote) teams. In combination with methodologies such as DDD (domain driven development), we facilitate communication with the client and maximize the value provided.


This crisis is a wake up call for companies to put the accelerator on their digital transformation. The reason is that the most digitized companies will suffer the least impact at this time when taking advantage from essential tools like online sales processes, data-based business intelligence, and the provision of eLearning-type training. In the near future, when all this ends, companies will turn more determinedly than ever in their digital transformation with cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, analytics, ML or blockchain. At Opentrends we have been helping our clients in this process for years, and there is no doubt that we are prepared to continue doing so in the future.

Opentrends Team