What Metaverse technologies are already available for training? Which ones will be available soon?


We are rapidly evolving towards Web 3.0, which will necessarily be 3D.

We don't know how metaverses for training will be in ten years from now. For the time being, they are quite similar to things we all know. These metaverses will coexist with Web 2.0, that is, with LMS, LXP and other corporate systems. It is no so clear whether they will integrate with them or not.

Every time a disruptive change begins, the replacing technology tends to resemble the replaced one and, in addition, both of them coexist. For example, the first automobiles looked like carriages, and there were horses, carts, and automobiles on the streets.

La llegada de la escuela computarizada, ilustrada por Shigeru Komatsuzaki en 1969

The arrival of the computerized school", illustration by Shigeru Komatsuzaki (1969).

Today, there are no longer any carts on the streets, and automobiles hardly resemble horse-drawn carriages.

In this video, you will find an explanation of different training technologies related to the Metaverse. After watching it, you will have a clear picture of what you can get immediately, as well as foresee what will come in the medium term.

Surely you will want to delve into the use of the Metaverse in L&D processes, so, at the bottom of the video, we have left some links and material of interest.

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More information

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If you have it clear… We can help you! Whether you are thinking about building a private metaverse, or you want to create VR/AR content that coexists with your current LMS, we can offer you solutions. Ask us for a demo and a value proposal adjusted to your needs.

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Carles Roca

Carles is a Senior Account Manager at SEIDOR Opentrends. He leads the financial sector and is an expert in operations management and BPM, CRM, LXP&LMS technologies. Previously, he has held management positions of talent management and digital learning in consultancy firms, insurance companies and banks. His aim is to develop technology-based value propositions that help improve customer experience, increase sales or reduce costs in a way sustainable in time.