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Consulting in ADELTE for the design and exploitation of data with IoT

Opentrends carries out a technology consulting process in ADELTE Group with the aim of providing operational improvements, both in engineering and business areas, IoT environment and data analytics.

ADELTE Group designs, produces and supplies innovative engineering solutions and advanced global services to improve airport, port and land operations around the world.


ADELTE requires a consultancy firm to improve and increase the services provided to its clients, identify potential new business opportunities and process improvements through sensorization and connection of its products, and the intelligent treatment of data.



The system design went through several stages iteratively, from the initial project concept to the final implementation plan. Each stage was based in detail on the previous one, which allowed to better understand the project overview and then focus on the details as it progresses.

For this purpose, Opentrends proposed the following profiles for the execution of the service:

  • A part-time Project Manager, in charge of managing the planning and coordination of the resources allocated to the project, but also providing a global functional role to supervise and reinforce key tasks.
  • A Functional Analyst, to address the functional analysis of the solution.
  • An Architect, to define and design possible solutions that meet the requirements of integrations and technical and technological feasibility in ADELTE context.
  • Exceptional collaboration of a Project Director, to monitor project indicators and provide executive support at the highest level.

In order to deal with specific issues (security, systems, integrations, etc.), exceptional support by the rest of the Opentrends team was proposed.



The proposed technological solution consists of a Cloud Platform of IoT and Data Analytics based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), carrying out the necessary configurations and developments to cover the use cases.

According to the Architecture Design, it is proposed to configure a series of modules and services identified to meet the identified requirements, always taking into consideration scalability criteria and long-term vision to avoid limiting the growth of the platform and the associated functionalities.

It is proposed to define ingestion, transformation and exploitation flows in real time with a diagram similar to the one below:

arquitectura adelte

A series of components to be displayed and integrated are identified in order to provide the system with the necessary capabilities. In broad terms:

  • Amazon IoT Core
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose 
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon QuickSight

ADELTE and Opentrends technicians have worked side by side combining the business, organizational and technological knowledge of ADELTE, with the know-how of Opentrends in the scope of IoT and Data Analytics to come up with a solution proposal that meets the objectives of ADELTE regarding:

  • Identification of potential new business opportunities
  • Improvement and increase of the services provided to its clients
  • Improvement of the processes

A list of requirements to be met has been compiled and a technological solution to meet them has been defined, together with an incremental implementation strategy.

The implementation plan seeks the balance between the construction of a platform with solid foundations, capable of processing and analyzing millions of signals in real time, and the necessity to obtain short-term benefits, proposing different stages/projects and integrations with pre-existing systems.

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ADELTE chose Opentrends because of its know-how in the field of IoT and Data Analytics.