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Fira Barcelona expenses were reduced an 81% thanks to Opentrend's cloud services

Fira Barcelona, one of the most important trade fair institutions in Europe, headquarters of the Mobile World Congress among other large-scale international events, migrated their infrastructure to a Cloud model, allowing to reach the necessary availability in their highly-concurred international events. At the same time, infrastructure and operating costs were reduced an 81%.

High availability and cost reduction

Fira Barcelona organizes and provides service for more than 50 events with international projection. Acceleration of time-to-market, agility and flexibility were, therefore, required in its infrastructure, adjusting the operating costs and offering a highly-available service which can withstand large attendance peaks in critical periods of time (the MWC hosts more than 1000.000 users from all over the world distributed in only 4 days).

Migration to Cloud

Migration to a cloud service and architecture model which is scalable, flexible and global, designed by Opentrends to make the most of all the PaaS potential of AWS:

  • We focalize in the scalability and flexibility we achieve through a layer of microservices (SDA) in Docker, unfolded in Elastic Container Service.
  • Unified authentication for all sites and APIs (CAS).
  • Development environment based on continuous integration tools.
  • CloudFront to distribute static contents in S3 with low latency for our clients.
  • Serverless: To be flexible without a need to supply or manage servers.
  • Analytics based on Kinesis and Redshift to  allow a 360º view of the Client.
  • Real-time monitoring of key indicators of service in order to assure the scalability of architecture, including: dashboards, alarms and logs.
AWS Architecture
Cost reduction of an 81% in front of the on-premise scenario
  • Cost reduction of an 81% in comparison to the initial on-premise scenario (this saving allowed to improve the initial estimation by the AWS’s TCO calculation tool up to a 34%).
  • Guarantee the adequation of applications and systems to the business needs of Fira de Barcelona.
  • Providing a controlled framework for the project providers.
  • Improving the efficiency and time-to-market of the new developments.
  • Minimizing the recurring task and maintenance efforts.
  • Reduce the operating costs of the system.
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  • Optimization: we help our clients save and we improve the scalability, security and performance of their infrastructures thanks to our optimization techniques.

  • Pragmatic solutions: our cloud strategy framework allows to trace the investment and an approach oriented towards quick-wins. We offer cloud-native architectures which accelerate processes.

  • Experience: we provide a sum of constantly validated practical improvements in migration, cloud-native developments and DevOps managed operations, all backed by our experience.

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