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The First Carplay App From a Car Manufacturer

New mobility paradigm

Modern society, in general, is gradually switching to a non-ownership concept of the car, encouraging other ways of mobility. The key is to give the users a solution aligned to their digital lifestyle. The car must be a channel to connect the user with its context.

Working with one of the most important European automakers, we’ve developed the first app in the automotive industry supported by CarPlay. The app allows customers to access full vehicle status data offering a complete new driving experience.


We’ve developed the first app in the automotive industry supported by CarPlay.

In the automotive market, the IoT is driving a revolution. Tech companies will play an important role in an industry going through a major transformation. Connected car technology will have a profound impact in road safety, traffic management and sustainability.

Become part of the car behavior

Working integrated within the involved areas, Opentrends has helped to build up the brand’s strategy to face the new connected car scenario. As a first step of this strategy, our teams have worked hard to define a roadmap of smartphone integration portfolio for the brand’s objectives, without losing the view of a long-term strategy based on other types of technologies and new actors in the ecosystem.

In parallel to the exponential growing of electronic internal complexity, IT systems and developments have been becoming a part of the car behavior itself. There are two major approaches, both can coexist and both cover different needs and requirements: in-the-car and into-the-car.

The entire car is the interface

We brought the required technical framework to implement the new services in-the-car and into-the-car. We work closely to the brand with the maintenance and evolution of the current products, iteration, and pivoting of the implemented ideas for the near future launches and helping the brand to continue building and consolidating a long-term strategy. We implement the best technology and add creativity to it.

The most important features are: MyCar (consult every car consumption), Car Status (always aware of any warning message) and the Interactive Manual (use the driver's manual through the app).

Contextual Empathy

"Converting the car in a non-isolated product, brings a complete new range of opportunities and challenges to take advantage of the data generated by its sensors, or by the actions that can be requested to the car."

Our deep expertise in each phase of the development was key for the Brand’s successful launch. In the product thinking process, it's necessary to always bear in mind attraction versus distraction, also, relevant information to show and how do we do it...

"A driver has far less time to digest information, so the selection of it must be carefully considered."

"Safety is a major consideration which makes designing for the car unique to other user interfaces. It means understanding and designing for a specific situation. Thus, it demands fresh thinking and design, from both a UX and UI perspective."