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The Hybrid Chatbot Platform for Customer Care

Humanizing Bots


Chatbots today are where websites were in the mid-1990s. They’re basic, but they have a fundamental friction advantage. And they will get better and better.

We understand messaging apps as part of overall marketing strategies. Chatbots bring large benefits because users interact with the ads, companies and services in a much higher conversion ratio than ever before. Carebot enables setting up your integration so that you get all your notifications directly within the assistant.


Carebot lets you switching all your chatbots to human conversations at any time.

We work in companies tone, banter, relationship building and everything we may encounter in a conversation with a potential customer. We use ideas and data to build bots that go viral, provide value, and become a part of users daily life.

Communicate one-to-many

Using a mobile app for the first time is a rough experience. A chatbot, by contrast, is immediately accessible. You can start chatting with it by scanning a code, typing in a username, or tapping a link. With one tap, you give it permission to access your account.

Unlike other platforms, Carebot lets you crafting the right conversational flow that best suits your customer needs. Our team of storytellers, visual designers and engineers can help you create, integrate and deploy your bot in only one month.

Hybrid Conversational Interfaces

Carebot, an assistant based on Hubtype’s technology, unifies platforms like Facebook Messenger or Telegram. It enables you to take advantage of realtime reporting and maximize engagement throughout the whole sales processes.

Opentrends’ bot assistant switches chatbot to Support Teams at any time so they can send messages directly to another person for more focused communications. Its instant implementation let businesses save time and money in research and development of Artificial Intelligence.

Engage With Great Stories

We work with our customers to define the most relevant chatbot story, positioning and identitying what is aligned with brand personalities. We define storytelling strategies and connect them through visual and interactive design.

Carebot enables companies to explain a complex product in an easy, intuitive way for a closer customer interaction. An easy way to match with targeted audiences, deliver great Customer Care experiences and customize every single response of your users.