Introducing Opentrends' new website

February 20 2018
Our internationalization process culmination

Hope you have noticed: we have a new website. With the release, we adapt to present needs and reflect the evolution of the company. A website conceived and designed for you, the users. With a main goal: know us better and connect with us through valuable content. Here you will not only discover the current Opentrends events, you will know our backstage and you will know in which projects we work. It will also be the first touch point to join our team through job offers.


Before renewing Opentrends website, we asked ourselves many questions. It was the first step of a process that finishes (or starts) today with the launch of the new portal. The answer to all those questions explains why we got here. And we share that with you.

Have we changed?

Yes. Opentrends personality is the same but we have added nuances constantly. This two logical and complex process at the same time, allowed us to evolve and consolidate ourselves in a changing sector. We have grown to 250 people and we are in three continents. We consider the web as a turning point to reflect it and explain it to the world.

Do we work different?

Definitely. The market forces us to explore innovative technological solutions but above all to think about the Service. In this sense, Design Thinking has transformed us as an organization, adding more spaces of co-creation to be more agile and closer to customer. In this way, user-centric experiences are our differential factor to offer value.

Do we speak different?

Of course. We are digital natives and each project we develop starts a new conversation. This means adapting to languages that did not exist a few years ago: IoT, Quantum Technology, Connected Car ... Therefore, we carry out studies and research on users to quickly prototype and get to market as soon as possible.

Is this the end of a story?

Absolutely not. The new website release is a turning point but not an end point. In this sense, we have thought about it so that it can evolve with the company and incorporates all the elements or projects that define us.