Opentrends establishes alliances with five leading firms to consolidate its e-Learning portfolio

June 29 2022

The agreements announced today with Cornerstone, Docebo, X2O Media, Uptale and Futura Spaces will allow to provide companies and educational organizations with the best response to easily and effectively manage their human capital or hybrid training.

Opentrends, the technology consultancy firm specialized in digital transformation solutions, announced today a significant update to its EdTech and MaaS (Metaverse as a Service) portfolio thanks to the establishment of important agreements with five leading firms in the sector: Cornerstone, Docebo, X2O Media, Uptale and Futura Spaces.

Corporate training has undergone a huge change in recent years, becoming an increasingly digital environment. Nowadays, we can talk about immersive learning experiences in real time, with high performance and support on analytics and AI”, explains Juanjo Giménez, CEO of Opentrends. “Both X20 Media, in the area of ​​collaboration and digital workspace, and Docebo and Cornerstone, in the field of ​​AI, will help us offer the most modern solutions for talent management in a hybrid space -points out Giménez- and also in the Metaverse, where Uptale and Futura Spaces will allow us to create immersive spaces and content in 360 and 3D video”.

Opentrends establece alianzas con cinco firmas líderes para consolidar su portfolio de servicios de e-Learning
X2O Media

X2O Media is a leading company in digital communication and solutions for companies. It offers immersive environments for communication and participation in real time to connect groups of people, including collaborative applications, digital workspace, customized services for multiple sectors (health, education, entertainment, finance, etc.) and corporate environments in general. Products like X2O OneRoom, a real-time collaboration environment that provides immersive training experiences both remotely and on-site, stand out within the X2O Media portfolio.


Cornerstone provides high-performance solutions to create advanced work environments through AI solutions for areas such as recruiting, learning, development, content anytime, performance, careers and human resources. Their products improve the experience of human teams and help every member of the staff to get more out of their work.


As for Docebo, it is a multinational leader in technological solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence and used in education companies and corporate environments. The base of its solution is the LMS (Learning Management System) platform, and it has advanced tools such as Docebo Shape, Docebo Content, Docebo Learning Impact or Learning Analytics.


Uptale is a digital learning platform that provides real but digital field training through 360° screenshots and Virtual Reality. Its contents can be integrated with conventional e-Learning platforms. Also, thanks to video branching technique, training can be based on cases, business situations, decision making or production operations.

Futura Spaces

Finally, Futura Spaces is the manufacturer of Space Creator, a tool to create and make available to customers spaces in a private metaverse. In this metaverse, people can hold events, socialize, carry out training sessions in an auditorium or perform other activities in a gamified way through customizable avatars. It has powerful analytics to exploit interaction and participation data, as well as test results.

“Opentrends is a leader in the implementation and integration of Edtech solutions”, concludes Carles Roca, Senior Manager and expert at Opentrends. “These newly announced agreements will allow us to provide the best response to educational organizations and companies that need to manage their human capital or hybrid training easily and effectively”.

About Opentrends

With more than 18 years in the market, Opentrends joins together talent, technology, creativity and innovation to put companies on the path of digital transformation through disruptive business models and the creation of sustainable competitive advantages. With a team of over 350 professionals in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, India and Silicon Valley, Opentrends has clients of the likes of GB Foods, Generalitat de Catalunya, Madrid Digital, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya or the World Tourism Organization, among others.