Opentrends evolves the Generalitat tools against COVID-19

March 3 2021

The Generalitat de Catalunya has awarded Opentrends the maintenance and optimization of its digital tools against COVID-19. 

The services include the creation, development, maintenance and optimization of digital tools and applications for the improvement of non-face-to-face assistance, access to the system and interrelation and access to information for citizens and professionals on the occasion of COVID-19. 

Among the digital tools and applications Opentrends will work in, there are La Meva Salut, Stop Covid Cat, Gestió Emocional Cat, the Canal Salut and CatSalut websites, relational  marketing tools, the development of the assistance channels for Video Consultation, eConsulta or the development of new mobile applications and websites to fight COVID-19. 

Opentrends has accumulated experience with the Generalitat de Catalunya Mobility Office since 2013 by developing apps such as Vibra,, 061 CatSalut Responde, Elecciones 27S and 21D, and a long etcetera. This year, we have also implemented the Paubot student assistant and, already in the context of the pandemic, the evolution in record time of the Stop Covid19 app. 

From Opentrends they assume it as a great responsibility, and they are happy to continue contributing to society with this high-impact assignment.