Opentrends shows at DES 2022 new models that facilitate the application of Artificial Intelligence

June 14 2022
  • The consultancy firm, specialized in digital transformation solutions, will show a real case of application of AI for identity verification in online assessments

Opentrends, the technology consultancy firm specialized in digital transformation solutions and Smart Cities, has announced that it will be present at the Digital Enterprise Show (DES) 2022, the benchmark event on digitization that begins today in Malaga. Within the framework of the expo, Opentrends will review in detail the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and will show, in a practical way, how to implement this technology in the education sector through a recently concluded real case.

The Digital Enterprise Show, which is again on-site after two years of pandemic, brings together top-level speakers every year to discuss digital impact on business and business competitiveness.

“Large companies based on data (data-driven companies) currently corner the top positions in terms of stock market value," explains Juan José Giménez Sánchez, CEO of Opentrends. "These companies are successful because they learned how to make the most of the value of data in the current digital context, with techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics or Machine Learning, among others. To us, as a consultancy firm specialized in digital transformation, DES is an optimal scene to expose everything in detail through good practices tested in real projects”.

Opentrends participates in DES 2022 as an official sponsor and will have a stand (F609). Likewise, the firm will participate in the expo with the presentation "Facilitating the Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning". In it, Martí Fàbrega, Digital Transformation Consultant at Opentrends, will show in detail the key factors in the implementation of AI, analyzing the types of data handled and the professional profiles needed for the new ecosystem, as well as topical concepts such as 'Off-the-Shelf AI' (Artificial Intelligence ready to use), which makes available to companies pre-trained algorithms supplied by large cloud providers through subscription services.

This is a great opportunity for all those who want to initiate into AI”, says Juan José Giménez, “because both costs and implementation times are reduced by using off-the-shelf solutions.

Opentrends en Digital Enterprise Show 2022

A real case: identity verification for a Spanish online university

During their speech, Opentrends experts will show the real case of a famous Spanish online university. The pandemic situation forced the organization to move to a 100% online exam scene, which required recognition solutions at an unprecedented level. With the solution implemented by the consultancy firm, the University currently has an identity verification system based on AI algorithms integrated with the existing assessment processes, with automated assessment reports.

For the implementation of the system, Opentrends relied on the AWS cloud platform and on its computer vision system, Amazon Rekognition, which allows the analysis of more than 4,000 exams simultaneously with automatic identity verification through the comparison of images of the student's face, thus reducing manual tasks. To date, more than 70,000 exams have already been assessed using the new system. In fact, the University currently carries out 100% online assessments thanks to this AI ​​solution, which also allows to identify students with technical problems and solve them at the moment, or generate reports on the images analyzed in each exam.

Now, more than ever, it is essential for companies to use more modern models to take advantage of their data, and the education sector is no exception," explains Juan José Giménez. "At Opentrends, we accompany the client from start to finish, from the design of the solution to its implementation with efficient and sustainable architectures".

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