SEIDOR Opentrends proves its involvement with sustainability and the environment by obtaining ISO 1400-1

September 27 2021

SEIDOR Opentrends, the consultancy that unites talent, technology, creativity and innovation, has obtained ISO 1400-1, a new example of its involvement with sustainability and concern for the environment.

To continue with this commitment in all its works and projects, SEIDOR Opentrends has established a number of guidelines that will help to minimize the environmental impact and determine the quality parameters to be met in relation to different environmental factors.

To do so, SEIDOR Opentrends carries out a series of specific actions, among which the following can be found:

  • Continuous analysis to reduce the energy consumed in its processes
  • Implementation of environmental policies considered as good practices
  • Common environmental policy within the process
  • Awareness raising of its staff
  • Reinforcement of the capacity for environmental coordination and orientation
  • Reuse and/or recycling of waste


At SEIDOR Opentrends, they understand that their contribution to society goes beyond technology. With this idea in mind, the company has established ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) lines of action, and have also defined a common purpose that is the epicenter of their activity: to exert a positive impact on society and improve people's lives through innovation. 

Creating #OpenWork, joining the United Nations Global Compact and now obtaining ISO 1400-1 are just some of the first lines of action that SEIDOR Opentrends has wanted to implement. The consultancy’s commitment is to continue improving the way of working and helping its clients to achieve their own objectives, both corporate and environmental.

ISO 14001