Opentrends sponsors Agile in the New Normal by CAS 2020

October 6 2020

Opentrends sponsors Agile in the New Normal by CAS 2020, an event promoted by Agile Spain and held on October 29 and 30 in online format.

In the words of the organization, this event “will bring ideas about how the« new normal »will affect Agile (or our environments / companies), a vision of the future that can help agilists, since what we have in front of us is a scenario of continuous change in which we do not know what will happen, what things will be more important than others, and how we can contribute to make a better world ”.

For Opentrends, supporting initiatives such as CAS  "Agile in the New Normal" is an example of our commitment to our values.  In this age of constant change and adaptation, we have seen how agility in our projects made it easier to embrace change, gain innovation and add more value to projects.  Also how autonomy and a shared purpose for our teams and people  is key to achieving this.  The work of CAS for many years has always helped to achieve this goal.  We are very happy to be able to contribute to this courageous initiative.

You can check the event's agenda at:

About Agile Spain

Agile Spain is an association committed to agile methodologies and the development of Agile software. Motivated by the deep belief in this approach and its benefits, they seek to improve awareness of agility in Spain and extend its use among companies and professionals.

About Opentrends

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