Opentrends Statement to Face Covid-19

March 23 2020

Regarding the situation generated in Spain by the expansion of Covid-19, from Opentrends we’d like to offer a message of tranquility.

We are facing an exceptional and delicate situation that requires both individuals and companies to assume responsibility to move forward. Opentrends has assumed responsibility by launching different initiatives in the following areas:


  • Taking care of people: We are committed to the health and well-being of all our employees  at Opentrends and, made it easier for them to continue carrying out their work from home. We put at their disposal virtual rooms to share time together, and resource kits to help reconcile teleworking with family life.


  • Guaranteeing the business continuity of our clients: We assume our responsibility to guarantee the quality of the service we provide. Since Friday March 13, Opentrends began to provide remote service with secured connections. The autonomy of our teams is one of our strengths, in fact, remote work is a successful common practice at Opentrends. We already have in place the technical means, management platforms and necessary communication tools to ensure all business continuity, and develop without setbacks.


  • Continuing to generate a positive impact on society: From Opentrends we understand the role of companies as something that goes beyond the development of professional services: we are a meeting point for people who generate value while sharing a common purpose. Now, more than ever, we have to assume our role in society with responsibility, contributing the best of us to overcome the bump and get past it with reinforced energy. For this reason, we will continue helping companies and cities in their digital transformation; betting on innovation and successfully executing projects with a positive impact that we will share through our digital channels.

We hope these initiatives bring further tranquility. For any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We remain at your disposal to solve any setback.


Opentrends Team