Opentrends will present its new line of eLearning services at DES 2021

May 10 2021

All organizations face the challenge of Digital Transformation. The COVID-19 health crisis has shown that those organizations that have made the most progress in this transformation are better prepared to adapt to any changes. Digitizing is no longer an option, but a necessary key to survive.

Digital Transformation implies a comprehensive change in organizations, also in the field of training. Companies must rethink both external training processes (for students, in the case of the education sector) and internal (continuous training for employees). Sometimes, channel and partner training also become vitally important for the business. In all these cases, moving from face-to-face to distance training has been a challenge for which most of the organizations were not prepared.

Opentrends has a long history helping all types of companies and public administrations in the field of digital training. According to Juanjo Giménez, CEO of Opentrends, Opentrends' eLearning service line is the result of combining two factors, “a record of success in executing projects for our clients in the education sector and a strategic vision of new needs of our clients from all types of sectors”.

●     In 2018, Opentrends acquires Futura Training Consulting, a consultancy specialized in change management, training and communication, which allowed improving change management processes as an added value to its software development services.

●     In 2019, Opentrends founds Fail Fast, the fearless digital agency specialized in creating user-centered digital experiences and designing rapid prototypes.

●     In 2020, Opentrends partners with BCdiploma as exclusive distributor in Madrid and Catalonia of its blockchain platform to certify academic data and provide graduates with unique, secure and lifetime links.

According to Juanjo, “the pandemic has been a catalyst in the adoption of EdTech technologies in all types of organizations. Because of this, we have decided to reorganize our catalog of eLearning services in order to provide the best possible response to the needs of our clients. Opentrends offers an excellent combination of technological, pedagogical and UX/UI abilities in order to promote the improvement of corporate knowledge and the Digital Transformation of companies and organizations. "

Opentrends’ "all in one" solutions focus on providing the flexibility that companies require and on ensuring ROI of their initiatives. They cover the whole of the learner journey: the initial awareness of the student, their engagement thanks to different experiences through all possible channels, the education process with LMS and xAPI technologies, and graduation with innovative solutions based on blockchain and eProctoring technologies.

Opentrends will use its attendance at DES 2021, event that will take place from May 18th to May 20th at IFEMA, Madrid, to present its new line of eLearning services. You can get your tickets here. You can also get more information about Opentrends’ eLearning services by writing an email to


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