The platform for safe collaboration, workflows and content management

Box makes it easy to access information and to collaborate from anywhere, with anybody and on any device, helping the world to work better together.  

Box offers a platform for safe collaboration, workflows and content management.

Why Box?
  • Protect your content: Keep your data safe with cloud-native security and compliance features like granular access controls, watermarks and classifications. Stay productive thanks to machine learning and to the ability to set policies that detect threats in Box Shield.
  • Collaborate with whomever you like: With all the elements included, from Notes to Tasks, collaborate in files is very easy with Box. Work from anywhere and in real time with both your internal and external staff, no matter what devices or software they use.
  • Acelerate work cycles: Our natively included integration tools help people to work faster. With Box Relay, everybody can create simple work cycles to accelerate common business processes such as approval management and contracts (no coding required).
  • Sign key documents: Executing documents is an important task in your company. From sales contracts to agreements with suppliers, allow your entire organization to count on the convenience and protection of Box Sign, the smooth, hassle-free and cost-effective electronic signature capabilities, soon to be available in the content cloud.
  • Conect your business: Box has over 1,500 pre-built integrations, making it easy to connect your content to the rest of your tech stack. Also, you can take full advantage of your developer tools and APIs to customize and broaden the use of Box in order to meet the specific needs of your organization.
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