The cloud with data centers in more regions than any other

Microsoft is a leading global technology company, with a focus on software and with great dominance in the markets of operating systems and office suites. It also produces a wide range of other software products, including Internet searches (Bing), digital services (via MSN), mixed reality (HoloLens), software development (Visual Studio) and cloud computing (Azure).

Microsoft Azure is a constantly expanding suite of cloud services hosted in Microsoft Data Centers. It gives you the freedom to create, manage and deploy applications in a huge global network. In the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant report, Azure was one of only two vendors with the title of "Leaders".

At Opentrends, thanks to our high specialization in architecture, we accompany our clients' cloud strategy and transform it into results. At Opentrends we understand that the cloud goes far beyond reducing costs and moving from capex to opex. In addition, we promote agility in decision-making, activate the capacity for innovation and promote your competitiveness. We help you develop cloud scenarios to prepare you in an environment of constant change and new market challenges.

Why Microsoft Azure?

With data centers in more regions than any other cloud provider, Azure offers the global reach with local presence that many businesses and organizations need, enabling them to reduce costs, time and the complexity of operating a global infrastructure and meeting local demands of localization of the data.

Azure responds to your business challenges: from DevOps and business analysis to the Internet of things, you can quickly activate and execute a scalable and cost-effective solution for your current investments.

- Productive. Reduce marketing cycles by delivering features faster thanks to more than 100 comprehensive services.
- Hybrid. It allows you to develop solutions and implement them wherever you want, with the only consistent hybrid cloud in the market. You can extend Azure to your on-premise environment with Azure Stack.
- Smart. Smart applications with artificial intelligence services and solid data.
- Trust. From startups to public administrations, and up to 95% of companies on the Fortune 500 list, they run on Microsoft Cloud.

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