Explore and analyze your data using search power skills

Elastic is the company behind Elastic Stack, that is, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. Its mission is to help people to explore and analyze their data differently, using search power skills: from stock prices to Twitter feeds, going trough Apache logs and WordPress blogs.

Elastic Stack, built on an open source foundation, allows you to reliably and securely take data from any source and in any format, as well as search, analyze and visualize them in real time.

The heart of Elastic Stack is Elasticsearch, a distributed RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of use cases and of centrally store your data, so you can discover the expected and reveal the unexpected.

At SEIDOR Opentrends, we are Elastic partners and we have wide experience in the use of its stack for the design of log ingestion platforms, processing and use of logs in the context of mission-critical systems for important organizations.

Why Elasticsearch?
  • Speed. Elasticsearch is fast. Really, really fast. When you get answers instantly, your relationship with data changes. Take advantage of this and access all your data at incredibly impressive speeds.
  • Scalability. Run it on your laptop or on hundreds of servers with Petabytes of data. Go from the prototype to the production without problems. Talk to Elasticsearch running on a single node in the same way as it would run on a 300-node cluster.
  • Resilience. It covers the basis. Elasticsearch detects failures to keep your cluster (and your data) safe and available. With cross-cluster replication, a supporting cluster can kick in as an active backup.
  • Flexibility. Numbers, text, geo, structured, unstructured, etc. All types of data are welcome. Companies around the world rely on Elasticsearch to face a wide range of challenges.
  • Operational happiness. Simple things should be simple. We've made Elasticsearch easy to operate at any scale without committing its power and performance.
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