Redis Labs

Database, cache and message broker

Redis Labs is the company behind Redis, an open source in-memory data structure store used as a database, cache and message broker. It enables to drive use cases such as e-commerce, AI/ML, search, fraud detection, and much more.

Redis Enterprise is the best version of Redis, the world's most beloved database. It offers unmatched performance, scalability, innovation and profitability in hybrid, on-premises or cloud deployments.

Why Redis?
  • Data processing in less than a millisecond, under any load
  • Five nines (99.999%) uptime with active-active deployment
  • Efficient TCO with multi-tenancy and tiered memory access
  • Cloud, on-premises or hybrid
  • Building with JSON, TimeSeries, Streams, Graph and BloomFilter, with extensive indexing and search capabilities
  • Programming of any operation on data models, with unprecedented performance and a single, unified interface
  • Service for your AI models with the fastest inference engine