The platform that improves the digital presence of your organization

Siteimprove is a multinational software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that creates cloud-based tools and services for website management. Its cloud platform helps prioritize errors on any website and boost the digital presence of organizations.  

Stay in control of your brand's digital reputation and discover a more efficient way to optimize your marketing initiatives. With Siteimprove, you can enhance the quality of your content while respecting web accessibility standards, increase organic traffic (SEO), meet privacy requirements and measure the performance and profitability of your website, all in the same place. 

At SEIDOR Opentrends, we design solutions that come from our experience, built specifically from cases of success. We provide you with the opportunity to benefit from everything we have learned in the field of omnichannel development: our experience in web and mobile technologies, together and with our distinguishing skills in Experience Design, place the needs of the user at the center of the design and implementation process. Ultimately, the strength of SEIDOR Opentrends comes from its ability to offer more than the sum of its parts.

Why Siteimprove?
  • Protect your brand’s reputation with quality content and a smooth user experience. Make sure your website content is flawless, identifying all outdated and irrelevant content, broken links or behind the time branding and writing. With Siteimprove, you can protect your brand in an effective way and provide a subtle, error-free and inclusive digital experience.
  • Increase visibility, engagement and conversions by means of relevant content and targeted initiatives. Siteimprove combines a full technical audit (including SEO recommendations and backlink analysis), with information about your audience's behavior, so you can work more efficiently, increase your brand's visibility and attract clients thanks to an optimized content.
  • Enhance your workflows with powerful integrations that complement your existing digital ecosystem. It doesn’t matter how your team works or the type of technology tools your company uses: preconfigured extensions, plugins, connectors and APIs will integrate Siteimprove into your workflow wherever you need it most.
Case of success