Quality Assurance

Adapting the quality strategy

At Opentrends, QA processes are always adapted to the customer needs using our advanced quality methodology, since we believe every client requires a very special approach.

The Opentrends Quality team ensures that the software is solid, reliable and that a continuous experience is provided to the customers. We establish solid testing processes, increasing the quality of the products and optimizing the life cycle of the software development. Our team focuses on customized approaches to qualify engineering which help to exceed customer expectations.

Our QA Services

Anticipate = reduce time-to-market

Opentrends’ range of QA Services include:

  • QA Strategy: We define the right testing strategy, including the software tools and sprint planning.
  • Digital QA & Testing: We verify that the behaviour of the implemented solution matches the specifications, automatizing the process when it’s possible.
  • Process Control: We verify that the development framework and actual processes match the defined methodology.
  • QA Improvement (audit): We analyse the maturity level of the customer’s project development process and define an improvement plan.
  • QA Office: Quality managed services for an ongoing approach to the testing process.
Success Cases
  • Banking - QA Office: Through a dedicated team of expert testers, we have provided QA Managed Services for an IT subsidiary of an important Spanish Bank.
  • We have successfully implemented our QA methodology in the context of several development projects within Opentrends:
    • Social Work Volunteers: Web and mobile platform for volunteers of one of the main financial entities in Spain.
    • 20 Minutos: We have developed a mobile application for Android (mobile, tablet, Smart TV - Chromecast and Android Wear) of this reference media.
    • Japanese manofacturer of electronic products: Photo kiosk printers, collaborating with multinational teams from the United Kingdom and Japan.