SEIDOR Opentrends has been selected once again to manage the technological platform for the LEZ in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area

February 23 2023


  • The project stands out for its high degree of innovation, with the integration of advanced technologies such as data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT
  • The system has been specifically developed in the cloud by SEIDOR Opentrends, which has just been selected again for its maintenance works over the next 2 years


SEIDOR Opentrends, a consultancy firm specializing in digital transformation solutions, will once again be entrusted with providing the necessary services to the AMB to expand and improve the technological platform of the Low Emission Zones in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, a cloud environment that manages the communication logic between data capture devices and information systems. The Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area are led and managed by the AMB, in coordination with the municipalities located within these zones. Currently, there is the Rondes BCN LEZ, which includes 5 municipalities, and 2 local low emissions zones in Sant Joan Despí and Sant Cugat del Vallés.

The new Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition  requires cities with more than 50,000 residents to establish Low Emission Zones (LEZ) to achieve a healthier environment for citizens. To date, more than 200 municipalities throughout Europe have set up these areas, and among them are several municipalities in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, where around 200 cameras have been installed and perform constant readings of the license plates while comparing the information collected with the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) database.

To manage the entire process, SEIDOR Opentrends has developed a cloud platform with technologies that allow all data sources to be integrated, including the license plate capture cameras themselves, DGT records, the Air Pollution Control System (SCCA) and the sanctions and exemptions logic applied within geographical limits, and uploads all the information collected to the cloud to apply the sanctions logic.

The platform performs the entire process in real time, using advanced analytics (monitoring based on KPIs, improvement analysis, process transformation, service optimization, etc.) and is able to use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to predict future conditions and thus implement preventive actions (for example, preserve air quality by optimizing traffic control under certain conditions).

With the cloud architecture implemented by SEIDOR Opentrends, the AMB and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area have succeeded in positioning themselves at the forefront of this movement with their low emission zones. Through the use of new technologies such as the cloud or the Internet of Things, the system facilitates the management of registration data of more than one and a half million vehicles with a view to improving the quality of life of the citizens in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

We are very satisfied with this project, because we consider it to be a benchmark on the road to greater sustainable mobility,” said Juan José Giménez, General Manager of SEIDOR Opentrends. “It is also a pioneering initiative that marks the way to improving the lives of citizens.”

For more information on the Low Emission Zone management platform for the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, visit the SEIDOR Opentrends website.

About SEIDOR Opentrends

SEIDOR Opentrends is a cross-disciplinary group formed by engineers, creatives and technology consultants that tests, rules out and adapts technology to customer needs to create unique technology experiences, designed by and for people, thus humanizing technology. They are experts in digital transformation. They are pushing the “New Digital”.

SEIDOR Opentrends’s value proposal is based on providing end-to-end digital solutions, both technological and creative, which allows the project to be centralized to a single supplier, thereby gaining agility and saving costs. As such, it names among its customers companies such as GB Foods, Generalitat de Catalunya, UOC, Madrid Digital and UNWTO, among others.