Sustainability Policy

At SEIDOR Opentrends we are committed to integrate CSR into our strategy. We believe that, in order to achieve this, we need to focus our efforts, projects, policies and resources towards a vision of a more sustainable development. We work in a more ethic environment with a new work, social, environmental and economic approach.

We promote a responsible business model committed to take on the challenges of our society, always being faithful to our culture and values

We believe in a long-term project based on honesty, effort, the development of trustworthy relationships and the respect for the different environments where we are present.

According to these considerations, we have created this Sustainability Policy, which serves as a reference framework to stablish sustainable development goals, as well as certain commitments that affect specific areas of our organization.

Our Commitments

Within this reference framework, and considering the current moment in which we live, the fact of improving the world to make it more sustainable makes more sense than ever. Through technology, we want to contribute to achieve global goals that lead us towards a fairer and more inclusive society in which policies that fight climate change, improve people’s well-being, reduce inequalities and create new, long-term social and economic values have a place and go hand in hand.

Therefore, at SEIDOR Opentrends we consider the following principles of action:

  • Business ethics and transparency. We promote ethical and responsible actions within the organization by providing preventive and control mechanisms. Thus, we guarantee the compliance of both our Code of Ethics and the legal framework in force, as well as our commitment to adhere to the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
  • Relationship with groups of interest. We provide communication channels to have bidirectional, active, transparent, truthful and rigorous information with all our groups of interest. Our efforts are focused on meeting the needs of these groups with high quality and commitment, from a socially responsible perspective.
    In the same way, our financial statements are published after being prepared under rigorous criteria of transparency and integrity, in order to assist in any decision-making.
    We promote the integration of our ethical and social criteria in commercial and work relationships. With total transparency, we make our Code of Ethics available to everyone, and we ask for its acceptance as a requirement to collaborate with us.
  • People. We promote a steady and of quality workplace in an open, dynamic, flexible, safe and healthy work environment based on respect and equal opportunities. Our training programs are available to all SEIDOR Opentrends employees because we believe in personal and professional growth as a starting point to offer our clients innovative and high-quality solutions
    We have stablished measures that encourage personal and work-life balance such as a flexible schedule or teleworking, as well as policies for integration and the fight against discrimination.
  • Society. Social impact has historically been a very important aspect for us at SEIDOR Opentrends. Every year, we collaborate with different social entities. We want to develop a volunteering policy that encourages our employees to become more personally involved in the communities where they live or in those projects to which they feel more committed. We also want to pay special attention to those disadvantaged groups, promoting initiatives aimed at fighting against digital divide and gender inequalities.
  • Environment. We are aware of the importance of managing our company in an environmentally sustainable way, minimizing our negative environmental impact and continuously reducing our consumption. We assume our commitment and promote measures that allow us to collaborate in the fight against climate change. In order to achieve this, the cooperation of all our providers is essential, and we watch over it.
    We will incorporate and foster measures and actions related to circular economy in order to encourage a more rational and responsible use of our resources, thus extending the end of their useful life.
  • Economic sphere. We guarantee an economic growth sustained over time and based on long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with our clients, financial strength, profitability and caution in risk management.
    We also want to integrate our customers and suppliers into our value chain because we understand that only by participating together we can promote measures that will lead us to achieve sustainability goals of a broader scope.

Responsibility and Supervision

A Sustainability Committee will be created. This Committee will be the body responsible for implementing the company’s sustainability strategy. To this end, a biannual action plan will be developed in accordance with the commitments contained in this policy, which will be approved by the Steering Committee.

Periodically, the Sustainability Committee will analyze the evolution of the actions included in the sustainability plan, and will write a follow-up report. Each quarter, this report will be presented to the Steering Committee, showing the degree of progress.

On yearly basis, a report summarizing all the sustainability actions taken to date will be drawn up. Once approved, this report will be published in our website.