Architecture Design & Optimization

We specialize in the implementation of architectures and as such, we play the catalyst role in the adoption of new technologies. We transfer technical solutions, existing in the cloud and open source worlds, to businesses.

We are currently implementing cloud architectures based on microservices that take full advantage of the PaaS elements of vendors such as AWS or Azure, obtaining applications that stand out for their strength, sustainability and efficiency.

Take advantage of our unique opportunity to achieve high quality, scalable and reliable solutions at reduced costs.

Helping Companies Explore New Opportunities

At Opentrends we boost innovation in our clients. We provide direct access to our best digital innovators to design a digital strategy that prepares them for the future.

Some of the tools we use are: innovation seeds, consulting, and early adopter pilots to get access to the latest trends and technologies. Opentrends’ approach empowers your business to scale and generate new wealth opportunities.

  • Backend Platforms
  • Framework Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Security Post Quantum
  • Data Insights
Success Cases
  • OpenMOB: Opentrends’ architecture solutions consists in the definition and implementation of architectures, project engineering guidelines and workflows. It allows an important Spanish Bank to create, manage and assemble multi provider projects, who can benefit from work independently in early stages of the project, sharing libraries and services through our architecture integration APIS.
  • World Congress: Opentrends is the trusted provider of mobile applications and backend systems for this important annual event. Every year we put into operation all the necessary systems to support high volume global attendee peaks.
  • Thingtia: Opentrends' IoT SaaS platform. Based on the Sentilo standard, Thingtia is capable of controlling thousands of sensors simultaneously, and runs >1 Billion data messages to date. See the case study. .
  • Implementation of openFrame, Opentrends J2EE framework. It is fully integrated with infrastructure and business services lead by the City of Barcelona: SMS, geolocation, registration activities, map servers and data capture, among others.
  • Java architecturewas defined and implemented for an important public transport institution (TMB). We have also collaborated with TMB in the renovation of its billing system.
  • Application for Senior Officials at the Barcelona City Council:to receive requests for document signature in a single centralized point.