Turning Our Booth at MWC18 Into a User Lab

February 21 2018
Experience goes beyond bits

Do you know users of your apps, websites or any product or service? Do you really know how customers behave in any space like a shopping center or even where their eyes are focusing? Maybe technology has surpassed your user capabilities and you didn’t know.

At our stand 8.1J11 at MWC18 you can get some answers to that questions. Get an insight report for free with eye tracking glasses, a game changer in visual fidelity, interface design and interactivity. 

As a Design Driven Business Agency, we only understand products with customer thoughts and insights. We are able to reflect the best of your business culture and produce impressive products. All this comes without skipping fun, playing seriously with you.

What we do in our Specific User Lab is breaking the wall between customer and partner with ideation workshops and other shared co-creation spaces. What you really need is fast prototypes rather than big ideas.


Partnership With Tobii

En asociación con el líder mundial en soluciones eye tracking, Tobii, ofrecemos tests de eye tracking en vivo durante el Mobile World Congress Barcelona. El eye tracking te permite explorar la experiencia del usuario y la usabilidad de cualquier producto. Integrando el seguimiento ocular en el ciclo de desarrollo de su producto, puedes tomar mejores decisiones para tu negocio. Opentrends y Tobii hemos definido dos soluciones de seguimiento ocular:

Concept Test: evaluación UX antes de lanzar un nuevo concepto al mercado.

Refinement Test: evaluación UX para un diseño ya existente.

Why that Monkey?

Three Wise Monkeys emojis ? ? ? embody the proverbial principle "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". The phrase is often used to refer to those who deal with impropriety by turning a blind eye.

Inspired by that proverbial principle and related with our methodology to look products and services through users' eyes, we built a claim to emphasize it. Crossing out ‘no’, we get a powerful message that matches with a freakin’ amazing Monkey Illustration.