We renew the AM services for the Generalitat

April 25 2019

Generalitat de Catalunya relies again on Opentrends for the application maintenance service in the fiels of Training and Research, Learning Technologies and Technology Architecture Components.

This is an important milestone for openTrends, once again highlighting its leading position in Catalonia in the field of software development services.

TICxCAT alliance

Like the last four years, Opentrends will perform the provision of these services in collaboration with four other service companies under the name TICxCAT. TICxCAT gives to the Generalitat of Catalonia the local knowledge and expertise of 5 companies, coming together to meet the challenges and needs of the Generalitat, while enhancing these agreements in order to generate more joint activity to other sectors and markets.


The services included in the new contract with the Generalitat are, on the one hand, recurring operational management technology services, user support, technical office and application maintenance (corrective, perfective, preventive and technical adaptive). On the other hand, on demand technology services are included: functional evolution, regulatory adaptive, and technological updating.

The service also includes the management of the Cloud Support Center (CS Cloud) which deals, among other services, with the certification of architectural components on different Cloud platforms, publishing and updating of certified images, and identification of trends and emerging technologies within the cloud scope.

Undoubtedly, this renewal is recognition of the good work done by all professionals who are part of Opentrends. Thanks everyone for making it possible!