[WEBINAR] The 4 phases to implement a management platform in a LEZ

February 25 2022

Given the success of our first webinar on "How to implement the Management System of a Low Emission Zone (LEZ)" held in November, yesterday we gave a second call which was attended by 23 municipalities that are already preparing the decarbonization of their cities by establishing a LEZ.

You can see it here.

In this webinar, Ana Suja, Solutions Architect of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Carlos Puga, CTO of Opentrends, announced the following novelties with regard to the previous one:

Novelty #1: The 4 phases to implement a management platform in a LEZ

Based on our experience, Carlos Puga explained the 4 phases into which the project was divided: preparation, definition, implementation and maintenance. 

  • The phase 0 is the preparation phase. In this phase, the scope of the project is analyzed, the vehicular area is established, the environmental impact is assessed and studies on opinion with the citizens are carried out.
  • We continue with the definition phase, in which the position of the infrastructure, cameras, etc. is planned. Also, a preliminary design of the LEZ management platform is performed.
  • Afterwards, we have the implementation phase. In this phase, the LEZ management software is developed and communication and awareness campaigns are launched. In addition, the entire infrastructure is installed: cameras, signaling, etc.
  • Lastly, we find the maintenance and management of the ZBE software phase, which includes new installations and improvements, as well as training and support for users.

We go deeply into this topic in the publication "The roadmap to implement a Low Emission Zone step by step."

Novelty #2: Amazon

Ana Suja explained the benefits of implementing the Low Emission Zone platform in the cloud compared to an on-premise solution:

  • Cloud technology improves agility to create more innovative technology solutions. It also helps with the scalability of solutions and the adaptation of demand according to the needs of each project, all this at a lower cost than an on-premise infrastructure.
  • The solution of a LEZ in the cloud is a more efficient and sustainable alternative than an on-premise one, which helps to meet sustainability goals.
  • AWS will open a new data region in Aragon (Spain) to continue to ensure security and to cooperate with the fulfillment of the Spanish privacy and data protection policies.

You can find more information on this point in the post “Why choose a cloud platform for the management of the LEZ”.

If you are in the process of improving the air quality of your city and you are not sure what phase of the LEZ project you are in, or if you are not sure what is better, a cloud or an on-premise solution, contact us.