What do you need to improve your web content management in 2019?

April 5 2019

If you are thinking about managing your website content from a holistic perspective, Opentrends and Siteimprove are your solution. We have joined forces in a pioneering partnership in Spain to offer services for the creation, management and analysis of web content. To introduce the new partnership, Opentrends and Siteimprove organized a professional conference aboutweb management at EADA Business School. An event that not only marked the beginning of this collaboration agreement, but served to explain the challenges to manage websites in this 2019.

Opentrends bring our experience in design and advanced development of portals for huge brands and institutions. Awesome portals with more than 30,000 pages that we manage and analyze daily with Siteimprove.

Web content creation and management in Opentrends

Our holistic vision on the creation and management of content for web portals covers specialties such as UX Writing, UX Research, brand personality, SEO, quality assurance and accessibility. Joan Manel Garcia, Service Manager at Opentrends, has reviewed Opentrends' methodologies to ensure compliance with all quality standards in the creation, development and management of portals. The talk by Joan Manel García has also highlighted the success story of Opentrends in the redesign and management of the UOC web portal, one of the most important online universities in the world.

Opentrends has also explained how the user experience (UX) is essential in content creation and SEO positioning. Marc Ustrell, content lead and UX writer at Opentrends, has reviewed the main elements that make content accessible and structured for users. A vision that has complemented the importance of UX in the eyes of Google, that measures user experience through its Rankbrain artificial intelligence algorithm.

With the new partnership between Opentrends and Siteimprove, the management and monitoring of content is more agile than ever. Siteimprove SEO modules allow the correct SEO optimization of the content on page and off page, web analysis, content errors and UX errors. From a content audit to the management of a website, Siteimprove is an efficient tool. An 'all in one' that scrolls web portals to detect quality and accessibility errors.

The efficiency of Siteimprove to analyze and manage web content

Eila Vila, head of the Digital Attention Area of ​​the Generalitat de Catalunya, explained how Siteimprove is a tool especially relevant for public institution portals, with a large number of content and with the highest quality standards.

About Siteimprove

Siteimprove is a multinational software as a service (SaaS) company that provides tools to manage and communicate online presence. It is the perfect support for a design and web redesign project or development, helping to improve the parameters of a portal in terms of quality, SEO or accessibility. Siteimprove has already improved the digital presence of more than 7,000 customers around the world and today we partner with them in a long-term partnership.

With Siteimprove we complete our partner portfolio in the field of web portals. Siteimprove joins CMS partners (Liferay, OpenCMS), chatbot partner (Hubtype), and cloud partners (AWS, Azure).