Fail Fast Workshop for ADCE Festival 2019

Fail Fast collaborates with ADC*E for the future of our society


Discover one of the wildest and introspective Fail Fast workshops

ADC*E European Creativity Festival is an immersive annual event that brings together creative professionals from across the continent for two days of inspiring talks, practical workshops and many networking opportunities. 

The event takes place on November 8 and 9 at Disseny Hub Barcelona, an innovative and experimental installation that is physically and conceptually designed to be the engine of the knowledge, creativity and innovation economy. It is a multifunctional and multidisciplinary center that seeks to make the emerging design sector a leader in both Europe and the world.

This year's theme aims to honor people who are already building a better tomorrow. People who use their creativity for good and who believe that solving tomorrow's problems starts with today's actions and intentions. 

"Tomorrow belongs to all of us, but it needs to be created, protected and nurtured by all of us. Companies will only thrive when they understand that they live in society and not in spite of it", says Fernanda Romano, ADCE Festival 2019 curator.

But what is special about us this year's festival?

ADC*E Festival 2019
How to cocreate without P*st-it and G**gle

Following this year's theme of improving society through innovation, Fail Fast presents a workshop at ADC*E Festival 2019 that will focus on solving an important social challenge: improving the life of the homeless.

Why homeless people? More than a thousand people sleep in the streets of Barcelona. An estimated 150 million people are homeless worldwide. A critical and invisible situation that is increasing and can no longer be ignored. 

In this workshop, attendees will reconnect with their five senses while exploring the city of Barcelona, all through the lens of the homeless. The objective is to increase empathy among attendees and the homeless population and to gain a real world perspective of what and who we can design for. Because real experiences are out of the lab!

The workshop will take place at the Disseny Hub Barcelona on November 8 from 3:30 p.m. With a duration of 3 hours, the challenge of this workshop focuses on the activation of our sensory and emotional knowledge, and the disconnection from rational analysis. It's about finding sources of inspiration for the creative process beyond Google or Behance.

Entries are limited. Don't miss yours!

Fail Fast
Design Thinking makes us problem solvers for people and companies

Design is not just a decoration at Fail Fast. It is a strategic tool to provoke and accelerate innovation in companies, products and services. Thanks to the design we create attractive products to meet the specific needs of the users. It sets us apart from others and places us in a privileged starting point to launch products to the market before its competitors.

From a design thinking perspective, we identify new opportunities and launch innovation strategies. We facilitate design thinking workshops with key stakeholders to turn ideas into reality. This vision is essential in redefining the processes. To relearning everything we have already learned, but in a different way.