About us

The best possible workplace

Why SEIDOR Opentrends
We come from different places, speak different languages and bring diverse perspectives. But we operate as one.


We are a company of dreamers that create bold challenges with inspiring results.



We are always looking for people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences.



We think differently and anticipate customer needs to deliver better service.

  • Benefits

    We have many incentives to make our everyday life easier. We strongly believe that the working experience at SEIDOR Opentrends marks a turning point in our lives, not only in our professional career.
  • Location

    Our offices are located in three different continents. We are in the best areas and main technological centers of Barcelona, Madrid, California and Kerala.
  • Flexibility

    Value is not measured by hours, but by the quality of the results. Our commitment is to embrace innovative frameworks such as Lean, Agile or Scrum. Because we prefer challenges that adapt to our lives, and not to adapt our lives to challenges.
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  • Lifestyle

    We are just like you. We love common places to share knowledge and empower teambuilding. We grow together in an excellent and confortable environment. In addition, we have fresh pieces of fruit every week in our workdesks.

SEIDOR Opentrends trusted me as a junior in the People’s Area and, now, it has done so  with my switch to DevOps. I am very grateful for being valued.

Esther López
Esther López
DevOps Junior

At SEIDOR Opentrends, I have found a flexible, creative and innovative environment. It always focuses on people's well-being thanks to its #PeopleCentric culture.

Gemma Dia
Gemma Dia
Head of People

Nothing is more valuable than finding an environment that allows you to develop professionally according to your objectives. I have found this at SEIDOR Opentrends.

Martí Fàbrega
Martí Fàbrega
Business Development Manager

I am surrounded by multidisciplinary people at the forefront of technology and design. We form a team that fears nothing.

Pere Díaz
Pere Díaz
Operations Manager

Fellowship, talent, projection, new challenges and, above all, people with the same purpose. This is the best recipe for SEIDOR Opentrends.

Sheila Iglesias
Sheila Iglesias
Content Manager