Audi: l'experiència del concessionari, en una app

agost 18 2017

Drivers have become users and now are the center of the experience. These days, the automobile brands focus on cars that offer services to people leaving in the background xenon headlights or reclining seats.
In this new paradigm, mobile phone plays a key role because it eases access to these services. It's a Swiss Army knife that allows us to customize the car to the smallest detail. Among this range of services, there are the after-sales and support ones offered by the official dealership. 
And this is the challenge that Audi proposed us: moving the excellence of their  personalized service to mobile phone.

Observing with Shadowing

To carry the project out, the Experience Design team of Opentrends has used Shadowing, an observation method that has provided quality information related to after-sales service.
In the car dealerships we have observed and learned all the processes regarding with users experience to improve the usability of the app. In addition, interviews with stakeholders of Audi helped us out to understand the reality in detail.
One of the most disruptive innovations is an integration of a chat between the customer and the Customer Manager that makes smoother and easier the after-sales service management for each of the two users profiles.
The result is the implementation of a new communication channel between users and dealers. Audi Prestige Service optimizes interactive processes for managing visits to official dealers (transfer calendar appointments, facilitate cancellations, get notifications).

Tracking and Live Data

The redesign of the app also integrates new value-added functions such as a geolocator map. Thus, the user knows at all times  where they have parked the car and for how long. Likewise they can track in real time the assistance or find the closest official service. 
Audi Prestige Service provides more access to after-sale service data: receives commercial information and customized news according to their favorite after-sales service preferences.