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AI of the highest level is now available to everyone. Opentrends’ specialized engineering services are now powered by AWS’s off-theshelf AI services. At Opentrends we bring a high degree of specialization in advanced architectures and experience in mission-critical systems

for clients in multiple sectors. Our differential approach is based on the design of modular and efficient architectures based on PaaS and serverless components. Together with AWS, a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for AI Services for Cloud Developers, we help clients accelerate their machine learning projects.


AWS partner Opentrends


AWS-based Opentrends consulting and engineering services offer the broadest and most comprehensive set of machine learning services and supporting architectures, putting machine learning resources at the fingertips of business in any industry.



  • Verify the identity of your users and reduce fraud with Amazon Rekognition.
  • Create conversational interfaces with voice and text in any app with Amazon Lex.
  • Convert speech to text and back with Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Polly respectively.
  • Build, train, and deploy machine learning models with Amazon SageMaker.

Customer references

In 2021, Opentrends responded to an important online university’s need to implement an identity validation service for remote examinations. The pandemic required education to move from the classroom to online, which required new approaches to deliver exams and still maintain their integrity.

Opentrends delivered a solution which performed identity validation through a webcam (powered by Amazon Rekognition) and integrated seamlessly into the assessment solution. Thanks to the solution delivered by Opentrends, the university was able to deliver 70,000 student exams over 6 days completely online.

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