Digital Assurance


Digital Assurance

Digital Assurance

Ensuring business results

Digital transformation is bringing about a major change in the way Quality Assurance (QA) services are delivered.

Beyond traditional quality control, Digital Assurance is not just about testing applications on digital interfaces: you also need to make sure that the desired business result is achieved. Digital Assurance is a comprehensive approach to quality control that encompasses user experience, time to market, interoperability, performance and security.

This is a shift from the traditional approach to quality control (testing) to a better customer experience, in addition to integrated testing of a multitude of embedded software, digital devices, and big data.

Digital Assurance
Our DA Services

We increase quality and reduce time to market

At SEIDOR Opentrends we include DA in all our developments, carried out by a team of specialists.

Furthermore, we offer the following specialized services:

  • QA ABC (Acquiring Basic Concepts): the new testing solution that offers to start a QA and testing process from scratch, implementing the most fundamental elements to carry out testing in a structured and controlled way.
  • Software Testing as a Service (STaaS): a new testing solution that offers a very accessible, flexible and low-cost testing service.
  • QA Hub (Quality Office): a complete service that includes people, processes and tools, oriented to the management of projects and / or services.
  • Test automation: We implement complete quality control and test automation solutions throughout the devops lifecycle with agile methodologies.
  • QA transformation: We transform your quality services with Design Thinking methodologies, which allow you to improve the quality of digital products and reduce Time-to-Market.
Digital Assurance
Digital Assurance
Digital Assurance

We provide a high degree of specialization in the field of quality processes (methodologies, techniques and improvement processes) and experience in all types of sectors. With our optimization and acceleration in quality processes, our clients benefit from:

  • significant cost reduction by using the test infrastructure intelligently, and
  • ease of scaling a greater number of applications, maintaining an adequate balance between speed and quality (Agility and satisfaction).

And regarding the QA teams transformation service:

  • more efficient knowledge management, and
  • reduction in the cost of recruitment, thus achieving greater peace of mind for clients (using modern methodologies and tools, standards and best practices).
Success Cases

QA Hub:

  • Success case of a quality Office for a banking App in multi-supplier environment: SEIDOR Opentrends implemented this office to provide an agile and controlled framework for multiple project providers, improving efficiency and effectiveness through a shared and collaborative automation framework among providers.
  • Success case for QA Hub for Web & App in VET Devices: SEIDOR Opentrends has created a quality control office dedicated to validating a highly critical veterinary analysis system (veterinary clinics) with high requirements at the QA level in a US company with international products.

Test automation:

  • Success Case of automated testing elearning platform: SEIDOR Opentrends has provided a multidisciplinary team for the creation of a new state-of-the-art eLearning system for a major publisher, focused on the learning experience of teachers.
  • Success Case of automated testing for Fira Barcelona: SEIDOR Opentrends implemented a test automation framework to accelerate and complement an agile and controlled framework, in the context of a system with high requirements at the QA level (Multi Browser & responsive Testing).