digital transformation



Digital Transformation

Data-driven businesses with IoT, analytics and artificial intelligence

The digital world is changing the way we live, how we work, and how business is organized and conducted. At SEIDOR Opentrends we take advantage of new technologies (IoT, BigData, Machine Learning, ...) to boost business to a new level:

  • adding new data from sensors in devices and infrastructures, but also adding operational and business data,
  • using analytics to turn this data into information and knowledge (anomaly detection based on history and context, rule-based automation, new KPIs, ...), 
  • incorporating Machine Learning and AI to infer future conditions, among other analyzes (predictive vs. reactive maintenance, for example).
Digital Transformation
Business Value

Not just technology, but competitive advantages

We combine cutting-edge technology with years of experience offering business value. We help our clients to make a fast and smooth transition towards the new digital revolution (Industry 4.0).

We create hyper-connected applications and services with end-to-end digital transformation services that include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Post-quantum security
Innovation Ecosystem

SEIDOR Opentrends provides technical advice on cutting-edge technologies through a broad industrial, technological and sector ecosystem based on a set of leading companies and entities in the field of innovation.

The SEIDOR Opentrends ecosystem of innovation centers, articulated through our own venture builder Carrot Cake, complements its own capabilities with affiliated entities, affiliated with or integrated into the shareholders of the companies that make up SEIDOR Opentrends.

Success Cases
  • AMB ZBE: Project for the implementation of a cloud system that allows our client to manage and report data extracted from the ZBE (Low Emission Zone in Barcelona). See the CASE STUDY.
  • Thingtia: Smart city interoperability platform, acting as a transversal platform that avoids the silos of vertical solutions. See the CASE STUDY.
  • Connected Car: We implemented for a major manufacturer the Car Sharing and Ride Sharing mechanisms that allow the user to be part of the new mobility concept of the car as-a-service.