About us

We join talent, technology, creativity and innovation

Open-mindedness, accessibility, proximity, global perspective, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Honesty, reliability, commitment, loyalty, self-discipline and socially responsible.
Non-conformity, innovation, audacity and a transformative approach.
About SEIDOR Opentrends

We are SEIDOR’s digital transformation division, comprising a diverse team of over 500 specialists in development, design and creativity. We expedite the integration of cutting-edge technologies, methodologies and trends tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Through our work, we create exceptional technological experiences centered around people, ensuring technology is humanized and user-friendly. #HumanizingTechnology

Open to_ Technology

We accelerate the adoption of the latest technologies, methodologies and trends. We simplify the technology’s complexity and harness its power to benefit individuals and the planet. We are cultural transformers in the new digital era.

Open to_ People

We believe in the power of collaboration, empathy, and multiculturalism as essential elements to shape tomorrow’s society. We’re driven by the common good, personal growth and the sustainability of a world yet to be explored.

Open to_ Business

We positively impact businesses seeking to scale through the use of new technologies. By bridging the gap between today and the future, we drive business through our human talent, unmatched technical knowledge and global experience.