About us

We join talent, technology, creativity and innovation

We generate value
Talent, technology and creativity are our ingredients, innovation our attitude.
We go one step further
We do not talk about a positive impact on society, we make it happen.
We get results
Digital transformation is not a path, it is an asset for our clients.
Start someting new

Are you Ready? You are already in the future. A new way of approaching digital transformation awaits you, uniting talent, technology, creativity and innovation. Achieving the positive impact you want for your organization and society is easier for you here.

You are the Center. Technology is nothing without people. Extraordinary teams that generate definitive experiences. Creating value for you from the first sprint. If you can imagine it, we can do it.

Start Something New. A jump into tomorrow. The opportunity to transform your organization, prepare it for the future, improve people's lives through innovation. This is Opentrends and this is why you are here.

People Centric Culture

We are a genuinely human organization. We are concerned about everything that makes people feel cared for.

Empowered Talent

We want our people to grow and develop with us, thus building high-performance multidisciplinary teams.

Passion for Innovation

We are brave and passionate. Innovation is our motivation and we are not afraid of any challenge.

Creative Tech with Impact

Our goal is to generate a positive impact on people, clients and society through creativity and technology.