teams as a service


Teams as a Service

Agile Teams as-a-Service

Extraordinary teams

We build teams to meet the needs of our customers, becoming a true lever for them to achieve sustainable growth. With Agile Teams-as-a-Service not only do they get access to the best professionals, but they stay up-to-date on new technologies with a scalable service model.

We believe that the best solution for our clients to develop relevant products is based on self-managed and cross-functional teams. This means that our teams are in charge of the process and are trained to autonomously carry out all phases and aspects of a feature or requirement: conceptualization, design, development, quality assurance and maintenance.

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CI/CD & Devops

Breaking down silos

At SEIDOR Opentrends we are aware of the devops culture and since our inception we have been helping to implement this culture (totally or partially) in our clients to improve their production processes. Our differential approach is to emphasize Dev (QA) Ops with one main goal: to achieve fast deliveries with a high level of quality.

This close relationship between "Dev", "QA" and "Ops" becomes a virtuous cycle as it drives a continuous feedback loop with customers on improvements, development, testing and deployments.

  • Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • DevOps
Teams as-a-service
Teams as-a-service
Teams as-a-service
Success Cases
  • eLearning platform: We provided a multidisciplinary team for the creation of a new state-of-the-art eLearning system for a major publisher, focused on the learning experience of teachers.
  • ShopAdvizor: We carried out the DevOps cultural transformation of ShopAdvizor to improve the Time To Market, with a new organization based on self-managed squads that integrates the software engineering teams and the business teams.
  • CTTI: From our SIC Office (Continuous Integration System) we offer support services to different teams of providers in the use of SCM tools and continuous integration. For more details on the services provided by the SIC Office:
  • Banking app: With our ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) platform that supports continuous integration (CI) for mobility applications, we "merge" all developer working copies to a shared main line several times a day, applying automated quality validations.