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Multi-channel experiences

Your digital presence on all possible channels

Customers are faced with a multitude of options to establish contact with a brand and have high expectations for quality, regardless of how or when they make contact. So creating an exceptional customer experience across all possible touchpoints is more important now than ever.

At SEIDOR Opentrends we provide smart, consistent and personalized experiences through all kinds of channels: web, mobile, chatbots, voice assistants, wearables, ...

  • Mobile
  • Web Development & Portals
  • Chatbots & AI
Digital Experience Platforms

Personalized experiences

In many cases it is no longer enough to set up one or several monolithic products such as a CMS or an isolated eCommerce. The new paradigm of digital experience platforms is to provide the user with a unique design experience, consistent across all touch points, intelligent and personalized throughout their customer journey. We achieve this with techniques such as:

  • 360 view of the user
  • Headless API
  • User-centric
  • Data-driven experience
Business Digitization

Digitization and resilience

We provide our clients with a higher level of resilience and business continuity with the digitization of their stores and their work environments, and we provide personalized learning solutions based on the use of data.

  • eLearning & LXP
  • eCommerce
  • CRM
  • Document management
Success Cases
  • Stop Covid19: In the middle of a health emergency and in just 3 weeks, we developed the iOS and Android mobile application of the Generalitat de Catalunya to improve the identification of symptoms in the pandemic. See the SUCCESS STORY.
  • Paubot: We have developed a chatbot for Telegram and WebChat for students who want to know the cut-off marks of the university and the calendar of the entrance exams. With the medium-term vision of being the university mentor of future students. See the SUCCESS STORY.
  • UNWTO: End to end development of the new website of the World Tourism Organization. We've simplified content, search, and navigation, and improved fluency and SEO through superior performance based on an optimized, self-scaling cloud infrastructure.
  • Course digitization: For a major soccer club and due to the pandemic in 2020, we migrated to eLearning courses initially designed to be taught in person.