Architecture Design



A differential approach

Modular software-defined architectures

SEIDOR Opentrends' cloud-native and modular applications are built from the ground up with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) mindset, using a modular software-defined architecture (SDA) with modern microservices specifically designed to drive agility.

Incorporating functionality through microservices development makes it especially suitable for:

  • develop with agile development teams and methodologies,
  • develop with a cloud-native approach using PaaS services,
  • apply development techniques linked to business (Domain-Driven Design).


Architecture Design
Specialized services

Our architecture services include:

  • Architecture Design
  • Architecture Offices
  • Backend Platforms
  • Framework Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity

We bring a high degree of expertise in advanced architectures and experience in mission-critical systems for clients in multiple industries. With our differential focus on software architectures, our clients benefit from:

  • Availability, scalability and performance.
  • Ease of creating and maintaining applications.
  • Organization of teams around business capabilities and not technologies.
  • Ease of scaling to new business needs.
  • Speed: different teams can work simultaneously.
  • Autonomous and transversal teams working with agile methodologies.
Architecture Design
Architecture Design
Architecture Design
Success Cases
  • Fira Barcelona cloud office: SEIDOR Opentrends implemented this office to provide a controlled framework for project providers and improve cost efficiency in new developments in the cloud. See the CASE STUDY.
  • CTTI cloud office: We act as reference experts in cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Bluemix and private clouds) since 2016, helping and giving guidelines to application providers.
  • AMB cloud office: Design, development, maintenance and administration of AMB infrastructures in the AWS cloud, under high availability, scalability, automation and innovation requirements.
  • IMI architecture office: SEIDOR Opentrends has been part of the IMI Technical Architecture Office since 2008 and is responsible for monitoring the process of building new applications.