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The first CarPlay App from a major car maker


Navigating the path to success

An important European automaker has requested the development of the first branded app for the CarPlay system as part of the company's brand strategy to adapt to the new digital paradigm in the automotive industry. 

Modern society is evolving towards a concept of connected cars, without a driver, promoting new formulas of mobility in which the car must be a channel to connect the user with their context.


The key to transformation

Develop the first branded app on the Apple CarPlay system. We design the long-term brand strategy for the integration of smartphones in the context of the connected car, based on new technologies and actors in the ecosystem. 

The app, with IoT technology, allows customers to access data revealing the state of the vehicle, offering a new driving experience. The most important features are MyCar (consult every car consumption), Car State (always aware of any warning message), and Interactive Manual (use the driver's manual accessible from the app)

  • Technology

    Mobile app and Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Methodology

    In-house teams and continuous iteration of implemented ideas.

  • Design

    UX/UI interface design that prioritizes attraction vs. distraction.


We’ve developed the first app in the automotive industry supported by CarPlay.


The impact of working together
  • Digital transformation of the brand: A new digital solution aligned with users' lifestyles.
  • Adaptation to the new mobility paradigm: Connected car technology will have a profound impact on road safety, traffic management, and sustainability.
  • Facilitates decision-making: Enables leveraging data generated by sensors or actions that can be requested in the car.
  • Improves the driving experience: The app allows customers to access data revealing the vehicle's status.