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Mobile 1st Design Improves Gallina Blanca Brand Experience

Gallina Blanca (GBFoods) has been able to improve their client’s brand experience, increase engagement and obtain more spots in search engines by modernizing their portals in Spain and Italy. 

Gallina Blanca’s page is one of the most important recipe portals in Spain, hosting more than 30k recipes and 1 million users a month.

Modernizing web portals without giving away positions

Gallina Blanca required a modernization of their outdated web portal’s appearance in Spain and in Italy (in the latter case under the brand Star). They were looking for a scalable solution.

These portals had to be able to go under maintenance in order for any programmer to make changes in them and allow for scalability.

Agile methodology, Drupal and Azure technology, mobile-first design


Opentrends’ signature agile methodology was used in this project, which was reflected in the completely self-managed and multidisciplinary team involved.

Continuous product evolution reports were handed in at an increasing and iterative rate, applying lean methodology in order to reduce time, eliminate reworking and interferences, and prioritizing the handing-in of the most valuable products. Opentrends' applied tight interlocution and implication in the product definition, and incorporated a Scrum Master into the project in order to restrict viability and assess the cost of the solution.

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Opentrends suggested using Drupal as a CMS to be able to develop a mature product, providing high levels of flexibility. As well as a modular design and components adapted to each necessity, the thematic system makes it easier to include a personalized design within the interface design. 

As for the cloud architecture, the platform designed by Opentrends was ready to profit from the PaaS services provided by Microsoft Azure, including Azure Web Apps. 

At the end of the project, more than 40k pages were migrated from earlier Gallina Blanca and Star portals to the new created portal.

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  • Content-first focus, UX writing and SEO driven: Content-first focus in order to profit from the web’s SEO positions and thus improve the user’s experience. 

  • Kitchen Guerrilla Test with which we obtained relevant data in order to create the recipe page. We did user testing with a number of cooks, a mobile phone and ingredients for a simple recipe and a fast prototype.

  • Mobile-first design: Upwards of a 70% of users visit Gallina Blanca from their mobile phones. Google thus indexes first the web pages with mobile contents. This is why we re-thought the web design from a perspective which prioritized mobile design. 

  • Co-design and Agile: In order to accelerate the time-to-market of the web portal, we prioritized hands-in side-by-side with the Gallina Blanca team with two co-creations at the beginning of the project. Once all the redesign phases were split up and laid down, we followed the best known of Agile methodologies: Scrum. We generated continuous value during all the redesign phase. 

  • Used techniques: Research, user testing, ecosystem map, fast prototyping, UX & UI design and branded content.

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Brand experience, engagement and positioning

With a curated design and advanced technology, the new Gallina Blanca portal obtained the following results: 

  • Improved reputation and digital branding
  • Improved brand experience, reflected in a 5% increase of web access through mobile devices.
  • Improved SEO positioning with a loading time decreased by 41% and a 22% rebound rate. 
  • Increased engagement reflected in an 8% increase of viewed pages by session.

“With the new Gallina Blanca web, we achieved a cutting-edge platform and everyday agility in content management. It will allow us to engage with challenges ahead and to continue consolidating our digital objectives.”

Sergio García, Digital Media Planner at GBFoods

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Why Gallina Blanca trusted Opentrends?

  • Opentrends' years of experience with Drupal
  • Advances knowledge of PaaS services
  • Differential value in the graphic aspect oriented towards a mobile-first approach. 

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