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The most versatile IoT Platform on the planet

Transforming Operating Models


In order to create sustainable cities, to give citizens a better quality of life, a more livable future, and to make better decisions, IoT technology has become our great ally. These goals inspired Opentrends to design and create Sentilo©; a platform that collects, monitors, analyzes and broadcasts the information gathered by sensors and actuators.

Sentilo© was presented early this year 2020 at the Japan-Barcelona Smart City Forum in Tokyo as a key platform for Smart City strategies. It also won the 2016 Open Awards as the most innovative open-source software platform.

Sentilo© was our first step, soon after, evolved into Thingtia. Now, the platform is in the cloud.


Thingtia means transforming raw data into intuitive and useful data visualization.

Following a bottom-up approach, loT cross-platform runs in an open and scalable architecture. It avoids vertical solutions and makes data sharing easier. It also reduces specific technology, product, and supplier dependency.

Reshaping The Way Cities Operate

Based on a successful real-time tested platform across several cities, Thingtia fits in the architecture of any smart city that looks for openness and interoperability. 

Its first application was in the city of Barcelona, placing the Catalan Capital as a reference in the field of Smart Cities. Thingtia technology has been key to transform and optimize the basic city infrastructure, have a clear picture of public assets, along with energy-saving and resource usage.

An IoT Cloud Platform Design To Fit Every City

Thingtia's software architecture isolates the information generated by a set of sensors deployed across the city. It makes easy to integrate data from sensors and actuators of any manufacturer and, at the same time, provides an open API for applications using data from the platform.

Thingtia has been developed with open source components such as the Redis, MySQL, and Mongo databases, Hibernate, JSON or JQuery.

The Roadmap To Smart Cities

Thingtia means transforming raw data into intuitive data visualization, highlighting and predicting patterns. It allows you to escape from ITC vertical solutions organized in silos.

It creates new insights from massive streams of real-time data, with the potential of transform a city by developing more efficient and cost-effective services, reduce pollution and ease road congestion.